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Homemade gay porn from the lovely ebony Shawn! Shawn's got it all... Beautiful dark skin, perfect chiseled abs. Thick uncut cock... And a dildo shaped like a pawn from some kind of gigantic chess set! I guess they do come in all shapes and sizes!

He pulls open the bath towel and exposes his beautiful uncut cock - already rock hard and twitching with excitement. Shawn checks out his raging boner then looks up at the camera as a big grin crawls across his face. He reaches over to his side table and pulls out a dildo that looks like a pawn from some kind of gigantic chess set. It's all knobby and transparent and this dark skinned beauty can't wait to stuff that sucker straight up ass!

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Straight Russian guy Nick doesn't smile a lot - I guess growing up in Soviet Union can have that effect on you! But what he loses in good humor he makes up for with pure sex appeal! This is his second video and this time around Nick finally takes the plunge and slides a few fingers up his virgin hole!!

As the video opens Nick is standing in front of the camera as he undoes his belt and drops his pants. He's not wearing any underwear and his hard cock is already straining to be free. He reaches down his pant leg and pulls out his drool-worthy uncut Russian cock. After a couple of quick tugs he moves back to the bed and grabs a seat while he makes himself comfortable. His strong muscular legs ripple as he pulls the denim off and tosses his pants aside before pulling the camera in close. His uncut cock is rock hard and beautiful with a graceful curve to his left. The few veins that decorate his shaft draw attention to the perfectly proportioned head. His tight balls bounce gracefully around the base of this masterpiece as he grabs his throbbing rod and gives it a couple of quick tugs.

He moves the camera around so you get a better view of his whole body as he lays back and strokes his cock. Roughly pushing the foreskin up and over his cock head with each stroke. It's clear from his expression that this feels real good and it's amazing to see this hunky Russian dude getting off like this. Totally uninhibited - unscripted and real! After a couple of minutes of this he grabs a nearby bottle of lube and pours out a glob onto his outstretched palm. I figured he was going to lube up his cock to create some slippery hand on cock action but he smoothes that lube all over his fingers and shoves his hand into his ass crack first! Once his ass is good and slippery he grabs the bottle of lube and slicks up his peter before hopping up on his knees and pointing that big old Russian ass at the camera. He spreads his cheeks and massages a finger against his virgin hole. Testing the waters before slipping the tip inside of himself. He pops it out quickly, rubs it around his ass again then dives it back into his asshole. This time all the way to his second knuckle! He repeats this action a couple of times before replacing his index finger with his larger middle finger.

Nick pushes the camera back a bit and returns to his kneeling position on the bed. He cranes his neck around and watches himself as he violates his own ass over and over. His expression is determines as his toes wiggle in response to the larger fingers in his once virgin asshole. Watching this straight Russian dude fuck himself in the ass is a brilliant site - but seeing how much he enjoys it sends it way over the edge! Fucking hot! That's about all this stud can take so he hops up on his knees and goes back to stroking his rock hard cock. You really get an idea of his strong athletic frame as he throws his head back and tugs on his big curvy cock. Showing off for the camera but getting off for himself. He flops back on the bed as he gets lost in the pleasure. It's like being a fly in the room as this stud just lays back jacking his cock.

He's getting close so he pulls the camera around and settles in for the quick ride to cumville. His expression of surly expectation is replaced by steely determination as he begins to moan softly in response to his rapid jerking. His hand stops every couple seconds to shake out his cock, causing it to wobble back and forth violently as he treks to the brink of orgasm. All at once he freezes and the shooting begins! At first, a blur of cum is all that can be seen. Then the first major shot appears as it rockets over his body and lands with a splat on the bed. Then a second and third stream land on his belly - coating his perfect black t-shirt with a glistening swirly pool of Russian jizz. Two more smaller bursts follow and before he's done he's glazed himself pretty good! Cum see uncut straight Russian finger his virgin asshole - this one is just amazing guys!!

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