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Ashton's a down on his luck club promoter who needs to make some cash doing homemade gay porn. Luckily, he has a gigantic uncut cock that he can't wait to pry out of his pants and show off for the camera.

Ashton's quick to ditch his skin tight jeans and settle back on the couch - massaging the rock hard cock that's still inside his underwear. He's a fitted boxers kind of guy and his big cock is outlined perfectly inside the thin black fabric. He peels the underwear back and lets that monster cock free - stroking the shaft while his big balls bounce against the dark fabric of the couch. He pushes the camera back a bit and makes himself comfortable while he continues to work on his meat. He continues stroking that 8 inch uncut cock while he checks himself out in the camera's LCD monitor. He grins and stops to tug on his balls - stretching them tight in their nutsack before releasing them and letting them slap back and forth on the couch as he pounds his shaft.

To make sure it's the best homemade gay porn he can do, Ashton pulls the camera around and his rock hard dick pulses on his belly as he gets the shot just right then turns his attention back to himself. One hand works his shaft while the other glides over his chest, tweaking nipples before drifting back to his crotch and then lower to his ass. Ashton turns his body around, lifts his legs in the air and points his ass at the camera to expose his sensitive hole.

He reaches down with both hands and spreads his cheeks wide. His legs involuntarily lift and his hole is spread wide open! He reaches down and gently massages his ass before slipping a finger deep inside his body. Ashton pulls the camera in close and gives us an amazing detailed view of his perfect twink ass hole as it's stretched wide open and finger fucked. First one, then two. All the way inside then slowly pulled back out. His asshole stretching and wrapping itself around his fingers as he forces his way into his body over and over.

He pushes the camera back and continues to work his rock hard cock as he fingers himself. His face is almost angelic as he lost in the pleasure of the moment and he just watches himself as he finds his way through his own private pleasure ritual. He hops up on his knees one more time and pulls his ass cheeks wide open to show off his tortured little hole while he pushes his cock back. The combination of wide-open asshole and gigantic uncut cock is fucking hot - precum dripping from his cock head as his butt hole twitches and involuntarily purses itself open and closed. Winking at the camera!

Ashton sets the camera up between his legs with a beautiful view of his cock and balls and he starts working this homemade gay porn towards his orgasm. With one hand on his cock and the other poking around at his asshole it doesn't take like before he's getting close. Both hands a blur on his crotch and face contorted into that ecstatic mask of pleasure and pain that screams orgasm!

He holds off as long as he can but soon his body jerks up and the cum starts to fly from his cock. Stream after stream of sticky jizz shooting out and glazing his t-shirt and leaving him panting and rolling his eyes in disbelief. He holds up his cock as a final drop of cum oozes from the piss slit and drips down the veiny shaft while he grins at the camera and sits up.

He shows off the splattered mess on his shirt then reaches down and brings the soaked material to his mouth. He laps up a big glob of the stuff and grins as he swallows it down - his rock hard cock still throbbing against his belly as the video comes to a close. If you're looking for some homemade gay porn featuring a cute twink showing a very inviting ass hole and a big fat uncut cock shooting a massive load, Ashton's your man and he's here. When he said he was a club promoter, I didn't realize he meant the massive uncut club swinging between his legs!

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Hot muscled twink Gabriel is into cum. He'll take it any way he can get it but he's quick to admit that he prefers it fresh from his own massive uncut cock! And we love seeing it in his homemade gay porn movie!

He drops his pants and slowly teases the camera with his uncut 7 inch French-Canadian cock. He's got a cocky jock attitude that doesn't quit until he's splattering his own delicious load all over his perfect six pack!

In the final scene he holds back to last a little longer. Just another minute! But finally he gives into his own desires and his hand becomes a blur on his beautiful meat stick. Harder now than he's ever been!

He takes a second to catch his breath then sits up to show the camera the beautiful stuff coating his abdomen. His smirk turns to a grin as he reaches down and scoops up the first glob to land. He greedily slurps that mess up then licks his fingers clean before slopping up some more of that stuff and eating it down. Check out this hard uncut twink gobble his cum in his homemade gay porn movie. Buddy doesn't disappoint on the cum eating - he fucking loves it!

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