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We start this homemade gay porn with Chris sitting on the couch playing with a rock hard cock through his shorts - his thick pole pitching an impressive tent! Flipping open his pants, Chris shows off his boner stretched against his boxers. He gently strokes his cock and then pulls the waistband down, hooks it under his big balls and his massive thick cock is free! The camera moves in for a close-up as a glistening pearl of precum oozes from his piss slit.

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Sitting back up, Chris lubes up his thick slab of meat and starts edging, taking his time working his cock, bringing himself close to cumming over and over until he can take it no longer and allows himself to shoot. The first shot dribbles from his dick, followed by a second stronger shot sailing high in the air before splattering on his chest. The third and fourth shots fly higher and come close to hitting his face; in total nine thick ropes of sticky creamy cum shoot out of his fat dick before he's finished. Check out Chris drenched in cum in his homemade gay porn video, here. This hot lad could populate a whole country!

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